Art Dubai: Booth C14

16 - 19 March 2016 Taymour Grahne Gallery

Taymour Grahne Gallery is pleased to announce its participation in the tenth edition of Art Dubai. The gallery will present new work by a multigenerational, regionally diverse selection of artists, including: Nadia Ayari, Whitney Bedford, Maia Cruz Palileo, Daniele Genadry and Lamia Joreige.  This selection of work highlights how contemporary artists are using the themes of nature and the landscape as an allegory or framework to talk about society and the individual. 


Nadia Ayari’s latest explorations in fresco contribute a sculptural quality in her richly dense surfaces. Her paintings of the fig result in conceptual narratives of love, politics and indoctrination, while tensions between political reality and sensual fiction permeate.


Whitney Bedford uses the landscape as a point of departure. Still life crosses into disaster, paint pushes, pulls and drifts as layered ink drawings slip into an abstract tableau. Her works embody contradictions of dark and light, of the real and imagined, becoming dangerous and serene all at once.


Influenced by the oral history of her family’s arrival in United Sates from the Philippines, Maia Cruz Palileo’s multi disciplinary practice infuses personal narratives with memory and imagination, framing migration and the permeable concept of home as constant themes in her multi-disciplinary practice.  

Daniele Genadry’s paintings are concerned with the presence of time. Her work considers the construction of visual experience through memory, movement, and migration, where a view is formed by a collection of moments in addition to the specific location and frame of the present. Central to the gallery’s booth is The Construction of Via Appia, which presents a collapsed view of two ancient Roman roads, Via Salaria and Via Appia. Multiple viewpoints, decentralized images, and shifting frames address the distance necessary to merge a documented moment with the narrative of passing geographies. 


Lamia Joreige is a visual artist and filmmaker whose practice centers on the recording of time, of its trace and its effects on us. She will present a series of drawings, entitled The River, relating to the second chapter of her ongoing project, Under-Writing Beirut-Nahr, investigating the urban areas adjacent to Beirut’s river, an abandoned site tuned dumping ground from surrounding factories and passers by.