Dallas Art Fair: Booth B2

14 - 17 April 2016 Taymour Grahne Gallery

Taymour Grahne Gallery is pleased to announce its inaugural participation in the eighth edition of the Dallas Art Fair. The gallery will present recent works by three Brooklyn-based artists: Nicky Nodjoumi, Nadia Ayari, and Daniele Genadry.


Nicky Nodjoumi’s nuanced figurative paintings engage in political discourse with a satirical touch, layering the artist’s personal heritage and lived experiences into scenes that resonate beyond specific historical contexts or geographical boundaries. Combining historic references, surrealist abstraction, and social realist critique, Nodjoumi uses his practice to explore the intersection of his personal history with the politics of alienation and dislocation.


Daniele Genadry’s work considers the construction of visual experience through memory, movement and migration. She uses various media to create and translate images of landscapes and examines how this mediation alters our perception of time and space. Multiple viewpoints, decentralized images, and shifting frames within the work address the distance necessary to merge a documented moment with the narrative of passing geographies.


Nadia Ayari uses her practice to explore the intersection between primary forms: the fig, branch and blood. Employing images of submission and isolation, her paintings are stilled in (or out of) time— relating conceptual narratives of love and captivity.