Asif Hoque

Asif Tanvir Hoque (b. 1991) currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.  His recent exhibitions include at Mindy Solomon (Miami), Almine Rech (Brussels), Yossi Milo (New York), Taymour Grahne (London) and Selenas Mountain (NY).


As a Bangladeshi immigrant, who was raised between Rome and South Florida, Hoque’s paintings attempt to figuratively and stylistically combine aspects of multicultural identity. His early work highlights his fascination with classical fine arts and hopes to address the unique experience of living in the “in between". 


In more recent works, Hoque's exploration and celebration of brown bodies, triumphantly exclaim their due belonging in all spaces. One sees mythical embodiments of strength; curvaceous creatures with stirring eyes, almighty hair unapologetically curly or sky blue wings granting the gift of flight. 


In August 2021, Hoque opened his first UK solo show titled The American Loverboy at Taymour Grahne Projects , Notting Hill, London. The show's  paintings were made during Hoque's time in the UK, Summer 2021. The canvas's were custom made and the linen was hand streched in East London.


Through the combination of wide-ranging elements and themes - from classical painting, the American West, popular culture and his Bangladeshi heritage, Hoque's figures emerge from brown linen and cultural hybridity. Long interested in the impacts of colonialism and how brown bodies and emotions have been represented, Hoque utilized his London-based residency to examine representation in English culture. In the diptych that spanned an entire gallery wall, Protect Her at All Cost, Hoque referenced Spiridione Roma's The East Offering its Riches to Britannia, a painting celebrating English colonialism that continues to hang on the wall of Britain’s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office.  






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