James Bartolacci

James Bartolacci's paintings draw from personal experiences of queer nightlife and parties in New York, after moving from a smaller city. Common themes in his paintings include identity, community, space, and desire. Highly saturated colours along with energetic fluorescent brushwork create a charged atmosphere that evokes the revelry and escapism of a night out. More than just spaces for dancing and pleasure, the bars and clubs in his paintings become anchors for connection, personal expression, and community building. Placing emphasis on the relationship of dance music and belonging, his paintings attempt to connect disparate locations beyond city boundaries through a common language of lush interiors and shared emotion. 

Bartolacci (b. 1988) was born in Easton, PA, and received his BA in Art History from Brandeis University. He is currently living and working in New Haven, while pursuing his MFA in Painting at the Yale School of Art.