Evie O'Connor



Evie O'Connor (b. 1993, Derbyshire, UK) is an artist living and working in London. She received a MA from Glasgow School of Art and a BA from London College of Fashion. Her work has been the subject of exhibitions in Shanghai, LA, London and Manchester. O'Connor's most recent solo show was the inaugural exhibition at Taymour Grahne Projects (second space)  and the group show Contemporary Domesticity along with 27 other artists at the gallery. She is currently completing a residency at Sarabande: The Lee Alexander McQueen Foundation, and was previously an artist in residence at Dumfries House.


 O’Connor’s paintings examine, critique and ponder the confusing climate we find ourselves in. Her work asks personal and uncomfortable questions about the breeding ground of excess. It invites conversation surrounding class, which for her is necessary and long overdue, and dissects the often empty aspiration of the scenes she envisions.  The pool, a common symbol in her paintings, represents the small few who can afford to float freely in this atmosphere; seemingly without effort.  Using her own archive, review sites and the infinite images of social media to construct new scenes of escapism, her work plays with both our conscious and submerged desires to live in an Eden of beauty and satiated-desires.






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