Art advisory

Taymour Grahne’s art advisory services focus on the acquisition of contemporary art for new and established international collectors, as well as corporations. Taymour works closely with each client to help develop and build their collection. He also assists clients looking for specific key works.


Services Include

  • Developing/defining curatorial frameworks of each clients' collections
  • Coordinating gallery, studio, museum, biennial and fair visits for clients
  • Combing through auction material before auctions to make relevant selections for each client
  • Searching through gallery preview material before art fairs and exhibition openings to make relevant selections for each client


  • Gathering and analyzing all information on the artwork, including provenance and condition
  • Market and pricing research
  • Negotiating price/payment terms
  • Auction acquisitions
  • Secondary market acquisitions


  • Assist with organization of artwork logistics 
  • Working with a network of shippers, art handlers, conservators, and other fine art professionals to ensure best possible care for client’s work


—Collection Management
  • Provide updated artwork appraisals when requested
  • Selling works on behalf of a client when collector wishes to part with works from their collection 
  • Organize loaning of clients’ works to museums, institutions