past exhibition
Fanny Tavastila: Sometimes
18 May - 22 June 2016
press release

Taymour Grahne Gallery is pleased to present Sometimes, a solo exhibition of new paintings by Helsinki-based artist Fanny Tavastila. The artist’s process is intuitive, consequently tending towards the abstract. Free flowing and unrestrained, this process simultaneously gives rise to new forms while obscuring others. Tavastila’s work explores the concept of balance, and how opposing feelings and ideas can co-exist on a canvas. Specific emotions serve as the initial inspiration for each painting, with color and form eventually emerging and altering throughout each work’s creation. The titles of each painting are an important part of the process, and are often borrowed from song lyrics, film, and literature.


Tavastila utilizes thick and thin layers of paint—sometimes so thin they look almost entirely scrubbed off, creating a form of palimpsest—as an unconventional approach to examining the importance of paint, itself, as a medium. This contrast lends itself to themes the artist is interested in: namely, the juxtaposition of the visible and the hidden, and its relevance to the expression of individual emotion. What the visible shapes stand for is often personal, but what is not said explicitly is also key.

Born in Helsinki in 1977, Tavastila earned a degree from Taideoppilaitos Alfa-Art, and has since studied at the painting department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki, as well as art history and visual culture at the University of Copenhagen. She has been the recipient of a working grant from the Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland for 2 years and received the Stina Krook Foundation art prize in 2012. Since 2006, Tavastila has had multiple solo and group exhibitions in her native Finland, as well as in Copenhagen, Denmark.